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All about the Piano Forum

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Every musical instrument is amazing and the sounds they produce fill the hearts of the listeners with warmth. To produce a perfect melody and have a full control over your instrument, you need to practice as much as you can, learn from the experts and take their advice. This all can happen only if there is a platform for them, and Piano Forum is the best solution for those, who are learning and/or are expert to share their knowledge and ideas.


Every pianist, teacher and student needs a platform where they can communicate with fellow pianists and learners to discuss ideas and tips to understand their field better. This platform provides enough information for the beginners and professionals to improve their skills by learning from the others’ experiences. Piano Forums can be much help if used properly, and both the new and old users can find important information there.

There are two boards on the forum, Piano board and Non-Piano board, where each board has separate categories. You can easily find the desired information under these categories and get help in a matter of minutes.


Piano Board

This board has the boards dedicated for everything related to piano, so it is easy to navigate through them and find what you are looking for.


Performance Board

This board is dedicated to pianists, who discuss techniques, share performances, talk about practices and memorizing, etc.


Repertoire Board

This board talks about piano works, recordings and composers, and share knowledge with the new comers and fellow staff.


Teaching Board

This board is dedicated to the piano teachers, who discuss methods of learning piano, repertoire and techniques and ideas, etc.


Student’s Board

If you are a new learner, then you might need help not only from teachers, but also from fellow students. The best way to learn anything is from the people, who are learning the same thing. That way, you know how they started and what challenges they had to face in order to get better. This board is for all the students learning piano, where they can give advice and help others.


Instruments Board

This board is dedicated to the detailed information about instruments. You can find about the historical and modern instruments, how to tune and adjust them and where to purchase what instrument from. You can find detailed discussion about anything you need to know about the instruments here.


Miscellaneous Board

This is a board where you can find information about piano competitions and concerts, as well as master classes, books and everything like that!


Audition Room Board

This board is where you can post your recordings and work, and can get comments from the fellow members. You will be able to improve when people from all around the world will critique your work. Chances of improvement are higher this way!


Non-Piano Board

This is like a breath of fresh air, where you can discuss about anything other than piano.


Anything But Piano

As the name suggests, this board is very random and anything that you want to discuss other than piano, this is the place for you. This is a fun board and has various topics that you can enjoy.


The PF Website

This is the board that is dedicated to the ideas and suggestions regarding the development of Piano Forum website.

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